Eine Übersicht der Songs, die wir spielen:

Ain't no sunshine (Withers, B.)

Baby I love you (Russell, C.)

Behind blue eyes (Townshend, P.)

Big River (Cash, J.)

Boom Boom (Hooker, J. L.)

Border Reiver (Knopfler, M.)

Camarillo Brillo (Zappa, F. V.)

Cocaine (Cale, J. J.)

Crawling up a hill (Mayall, J.)

Crossroads (Russell, C.)

Daydream (Sebastian, J. B.)

Dead flowers (Jagger / Richard)

Every little thing she does is magic (Sting)

Folsom Prison Blues (Cash, J.)

Get over it (Frey / Henley)

Give me one reason (Chapman, T.)

Going up the country (Wilson, A.)

Hey Joe (Roberts, W.)

Hillbilly Blues (King / Rossington / Van Zant)

Hoochi Coochi Man (Dixon, W.)

House of the rising sun (Trad.)

I am mine (Vedder, E.)

I can't keep from crying sometimes (Kooper, A.)

Jack & Diane (Mellencamp, J.)

Lay down Sally (Clapton / Levy / Terry)

Layla (Clapton / Gordon)

Lovin' cup (Miller, S.)

Meatball (Russell, C.)

Midnight Rambler (Jagger / Richard)

Midnight Special (Trad.)

More than one way home (Moore / Parker)

Mrs. Robinson (Simon, P.)

Nothing else matters (Hetfield / Ulrich)

Painted black (Jagger / Richard)

Paper in fire (Mellencamp, J.)

Promises (Feldman / Linn)

Rats & Roaches (Russell, C.)

Sail away (Gray, D.)

San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller, J.)

Slow turning (Hiatt, J.)

Summer in the city (Boone / Sebastian, J. B. / Sebastian, M.)

Sweet home alabama (King / Rossington / Van Zant)

Talkin' about a revolution (Chapman, T.)

They're Red Hot (Johnson, R.)

Think about you (Adams / Daniel)

Thrill is gone (Darnell / Hawkins)

Trail of tears (Cyrus, B. R.)

Whiskey's gone (Brown / Durette)

Whisky in the jar (Trad.)

Wild horses (Jagger / Richard)

Wish you where here (Gilmour / Waters)

You don't love me (Cobbs, W.)

Your live is now (Mellencamp, J.)